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Writing, whether for journals’ publications or for academic requirements, demands extraordinary subject understanding and expertise to make quality documents that represent information unmistakably and briefly. WriEdi.com provides scientific, technical, medical and management writing services for individuals, students, researchers, scientists, doctors, companies, research organizations and medical institutes.

Writing Services offered by WriEdi.com is a Knowledge Share platform between the client and our writers. Based on the base materials or raw data and guidelines instructed by the clients, our subject experts’ writers will write the content, arrange them into a well-structured manuscript/document and intensify the presentation to create an impact and reach the target reader. Our Subject Experts have in-depth knowledge of the subject writing and editing process, all the available journals’ guidelines, styles and formatting to fulfil all the requirements of our clients.


We offer different writing services as follows:

1Research Paper Writing or Manuscript Writing

2Review Paper Writing

3Report Writing

4Thesis Writing

5Dissertation Writing


7Reviewer Response Writing


Writing Service Methodology

Author/Researcher can avail this service of following options/guidelines:


1. Primary Writing Service (From Afresh-Scratch):

It includes the writing of manuscript/research/review paper or any required document by the subject expert from afresh-scratch writing where author/client submits the documents* with general idea or outline of the proposed work or any required publishing guidelines and instructions which includes following main aspects:

  • Manuscript/Document Title/Topic Name (Mandatory)
  • Any available content of manuscript/document such as powerpoint presentations, reference papers, pdf files or any raw text material (Optional) (Non-Mandatory)
  • Research results such as images, graphs, method used, tables etc.(Optional) (Non-Mandatory)
  • Requisite publishing guidelines and instructions. (Optional) (Non-Mandatory) 


2. Secondary Writing Service (From Unprofessional Self-Written/Self-Raw Material):

It incorporates the writing of manuscript/document from already self-written text raw-material through secondary data where author/client submit the document* with following raw materials

  • Title of Manuscript/document
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Result and Discussion
  • References
  • Requisite publishing guidelines and instructions. (Optional) (Non-Mandatory)

**Initially the submitted document will be reviewed by in-house experts of WriEdi.com; after confirmation from the experts, we will inform the author/client about the possibility of writing the document including estimated cost.

Note: We produce non-plagiarized original content for high impact journals and periodicals.


Cost: Writing Service Charges* (Revised for the Year 2018)

The costs of a Writing Services to the author/client may vary based on demand to demand and project to project. In writing, an important aspect is Timeline hence cost will be varied in $ USD per word accordingly:

  1. Primary Writing Service: $ 0.10 per word
  2. Secondary Writing Service: $ 0.15 per word
    (*Revisions/corrections can be extended up to 10 days at No Cost.)
    Note: Fast Track Option: Final Document (5 days) (with fast Revision/corrections) = $ 0.20 per word

Manuscript Writing Service Covers:

Paper Writing + Editing + Grammar Check + Professional Writing + Written Paper Review from Our Editorial Board Members

  • The manuscript will be written and prepared according to ethical standards of academia and will be fully referenced which will meet the publishing criteria for high impact journals.
  • The whole written content of the manuscript would be within the scope of the title and plagiarism free

To know in detail the estimated the cost of your proposed work you need to send your requirement at [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

*Writing Service Process Fee will be accepted after approval from experts about the possibility of writing the document.

The researcher can avail this service by paying the Writing Service Process Fee to WriEdi.com through following methods:

PayPal: You can pay the requisite fee here

Wire Transfer: Our team will send you the complete details of fee submission by wire transfer through email.