Publication Support Services:

1. Journal Selection: Our experts will select the best match of the Scopus/Web of Science/Pubmed etc indexed journal for your manuscript. The expert will ensure the most impact & readership of the journal for the correct submission based on the scope of the journal and manuscript.

2. Journal Submission: Our experts are experienced professors/assoc. prof./asst. prof. who have already published their papers in high impact journals. They understand the technical requirements for submission. Experts will format your manuscript and figures to comply with the guidelines of your target journal.

3. Reviewers Comments: If your manuscript receives reviewer comments from the journal, we shall communicate this to its author for incorporating these changes and our experts will only edit and format this for the same.

4. Resubmission Support*: However, if your paper gets rejected, we shall help you submit your paper to another journal and the same process followed.

Rapid Technical Review/Peer Review Before Submission:

Manuscripts can be rejected during peer review because of poor manuscript structure, a weak argument, or other factors that may have been overlooked by authors. If you choose our Rapid Technical Review service, our experts will review your article to identify major reasons for rejection. This means you can address the issues before you submit your article to the journal of your choice. You’ll rapidly receive your review, allowing you to revise your manuscript and still meet publication deadlines.

Benefits of the Rapid Technical Review

  • Specific technical input
    Our reviewers look at every angle of your research, including study design, reporting of methods, literature review, and data analysis.
  • Prioritized revisions
    Our experts list their suggested revisions in order of importance, allowing you to focus on the most critical issues first.
  • Actionable recommendations that improve your manuscript
    For every problem identified, our experts will recommend corrective action
  • Rapid response
    Receive in-depth comments on your manuscript within five business days.