Geological Writing Service 

1. Specialized in Manuscript Writing for journals, Report Writing, and Thesis Writing in all streams of Geological Science and Engineering.

2. Topics cover from all following streams of Geology:

Earth hazards, Energy, Engineering geology, GeoAnalytics and modelling, Geology and regional, geophysics, Groundwater, Marine geoscience, Minerals and waste, Mineralogy, Petrology, Paleontology Structural geology, Plate tectonics, Planetary geology, Hydrogeology, Petroleum geology, Geophysics Geomorphology, Sedimentology, Geochemistry, Environmental Geology, Exploration and Economic Geology, Nanogeology, Remote Sensing and GIS

3. Submitted data sets, supportive materials, images, tables etc. are secure under WriEdi Manuscript Confidential Policy

Types of Writing

1. Research Papers / Review Papers / Case Study / Case Report Writing for Impact Factor Journals

It comprises the writing of research paper, review papers, case study and case report by the subject expert from afresh-scratch writing where the author provides only its data: results, tables, figures, graphs, etc. with general idea or outline of the proposed work with any required journal publishing or institutional guidelines and instructions if any.

2. Review Papers Writing (Systematic Review, Meta-analysis Review, Secondary Analysis, and Primary Analysis):

We commit to writing the review papers as per the author's requirements. The author has to just tell us the topic and any guidelines if applicable thence our subject experts would write the review paper accordingly. The review paper will be written and prepared according to ethical standards of academia and fully referenced which will meet the publishing criteria for high impact journals.

Review papers which include Systematic Review, Meta-analysis Review, Literature Review, etc.

3. Geological Report Writing

Based on the provided data and requirements our Subject Experts write the concise, informative and well-documented reports used to present, analyse and summarise field data for both industry and research purposes. Writing will be accompanied by geological maps, figures, stratigraphic columns, tables, graphs, etc.

How to Proceed

Author sends the title/topic, available data information only, any supportive material and journal/institutional guidelines if any. Within 3 days our subject writer will send you the Proposal (Work Execution Plan) for your writing work; after your approval writer will start the writing work.

We commit to deliver the author a complete written manuscript/report for its internal review. If the author requires any changes or modifications our subject writer will do the same.

The author will get unlimited revisions by our experts or until its satisfied. Our team will edit and format the manuscript as per the author's required intended journal or institutional guidelines.

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